Another true and remarkable event told in his own words.

It was just another deer hunt.  I was on my ground stand one hour before sun up.  The sky was clear and a light wind was blowing about 10 mph out of the north.  At about 8:00 a.m.  I heard a twig snap just north of me about 200 yards away.  I brought up my binoculars to check it out when I heard a sound like two trees creaking together.  Only the sound lasted about 15 seconds.  I didn’t think much of  it at the time because the wind was blowing and it had been so still.  Then the sound came again, but I was still watching for the deer.  It happened again and again.  Now you know when you have that feeling that you should just turn around.

Well as the hair began to rise on the back of my neck I heard it one more time and I turned slowly to see what it was.  Standing there about 150 feet in front of me on a stump with the sun shining on her back was a cougar.  I was shocked and happy to see a cougar.  I turned back around because I didn’t think she saw me.  Again, I heard the sound and it was her.  Then another cougar walked out of the brush between us, no more than 100 feet away. He was small, must have been a 2 year old.  Both cats were directly in front of me and directly down wind of me.  They should have smelled me, but I was wearing my Hunters Edge ® Powder, so they could not smell me. The smaller of the two cats came walking  right to me as stopped 15 to 20 feet away.  I was amazed to see the cat’s that close and still it did not smell me.  What a beautiful sight they were.  He stayed about 4 or 5 minutes looking at me and then he just walked away.  I will never go into the woods with out my Hunters Edge ® powder on and always watch the down wind side.

George Hatfield

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