The following reports are just a sample of the field tests done by NAHC members on Hunters Edge® Powder:

Test Location: South Carolina

“Being a skeptic by nature, I have an inborn suspicion of any new trinkets, gadgets, and potions. Having been a hunter for more than 25 years, I have seen a lot of exaggerated claims by folks to get my money. So in order to impress me, you really have to have a good product. I washed my hunting clothes in Hunters Edge® before going into the woods. Here 80’s, perspiration and mosquitoes are a big problem. My clothes did not have odor until I had worn them for a couple of days. I have since used Hunters Edge® on ever thing from musty carpet to the sweat band in my cap. I am very impressed and do plan to order a larger bottle soon.”

Robert Lowery – South Carolina

Test location: Oklahoma

“I used Hunters Edge® as a cover scent my first day out in the field and had several does come within yards of me. They did not smell me and they

seemed to be at ease. I used this cover scent in washing my clothes and my entire body. It really works. I recommend it”

Melvin James – Oklahoma

Test Location: Missouri

Hunters Edge® Odorless Scent Control and Insect Repellent works. The first trip out using Hunters Edge® I went to my stand with the wind to my back

knowing I would be scented. I climbed my ladder stand and my bow hit the ladder making a little noise. I sat down and within a minute I heard a snort not 10 yards behind me. He stayed behind me wind blowing in his direction for about 30 – 45 minutes snorting and hitting the brush with his antlers until it was too dark to see. Quite an experience. With Hunters Edge® I’ve been

able to get very close on several occasions. The first of October was pretty warm in Missouri and I wasn’t bothered by gnats or any insect. it would be perfect in a spray. I need more.”

Gary Chambers – Missouri

Tested Location: Oklahoma

“I washed my husbands hunting clothes in a scented washing powder so he put them in a trash bag and sprinkled Hunters Edge® all over them and

sealed it over night. By the next morning all the washing powder scent was gone. He was very pleased with Hunters Edge®. He also stated the flies weren’t nearly as bad the days he used Hunters Edge®.

Regina Barnes – Oklahoma         

Test Location: Michigan

“I guide for bear and deer in Michigan. Using Hunters Edge® on my stuff and my clients worked very well. Not once were we winded and these last three weeks in Michigan have been rough as far as weather has been for hunting. I recommend this product highly. I am going to use this product in my bear camp next spring and fall.”

Thomas Losiewsk – Michigan

Test Location: Louisiana

“During preseason scouting and photo shots of wildlife in very hot conditions (95*) and 100% humidity I used this product with great success.

I was able to video several bucks and does within 20 yards of my stand without any notice of me or smell. Especially in very hot conditions.

I also used Hunters Edge® as a powder in my stand besides washing my hunting clothes in it.  I recommend Hunters Edge® to all members in NAHC”

Ronnie Brashear – Louisiana

Test Location: Kentucky

“While scouting in late July I had two deer come within 28 years grazing on an old logging road. They stayed for fifteen minutes without knowing

I was there. I used it on hunting trips and had deer come with in 20 yards of my stand unaware. One advantage of Hunters Edge® is,  it can be applied directly to the body, hair, or inside of clothing. I believe it does give hunters an edge.”

Jimmy Potter Sr. – Kentucky