Welcome Avid Outdoor Fan,

Hunters Edge ® wishes to welcome you to our product line. We would like you to try these incredible products for all kinds of outdoor activities.
Hunters Edge® powder this ultra fine powder is ideal for absorbing moisture from perspiration and adsorbing the associated odors as well. Making it especially useful for footwear, shoes, boots, etc.
Insects are attracted mostly by odor, Hunters Edge® makes an excellent insect repellent by eliminating most body odor. Hunters Edge® also relieves the stinging and itching from insect bites and stings, the burning and itching associated with the contact of nettles, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

For the hunter, especially the bow hunter and camera hunter, it is best to wash all clothing with 1/4 cup powder and dry on a line, not in a dryer. Do not dress in hunting clothes until you are in the woods. You will want to dust yourself liberally with Hunters Edge® before you put your clothes on. You will want to carry extra Hunters Edge® with you so that as you perspire you can apply more powder to your underarm area, head and face. The Wind Tester is great in keeping up with wind direction.

Non-Scented, Deodorizing Spray to help you stay cooler and odorless on those hot days in the woods while hunting. Hunters Edge® Spray odorless scent control when used in conjunction with Hunters Edge Powder is the ultimate odor and scent control for serious hunters. These products work so well that if you were to get lost even a bloodhound could not track you. Our spray works quickly and safely to eliminate human scent and all other odor, even if you like to wear wool clothing.

Safe to use around children, pets and plants. Hunters Edge® is not a perfumed or scented deodorizer that disguises or masks odors. It just eliminates odors naturally. The product is non-allergenic, non-staining and non-toxic.

HUNTERS EDGE® Complex Solution is natures answer to odor control problems without the use of chemicals. 100% natural product that is odorless non-staining that quickly gets rid of odors. It also helps in keeping your dog odor free.

So if you are an avid and serious outdoor fan you might want to try our Ultimate Hunters Edge® Package

If you plan to camp or hunt in areas inhabited by bears, it is a good idea to store all your food items in airtight containers with Odor Crushing Packs to ensure against the bears smelling it. (Note: Bears have without a doubt the best sense of smell of any animal on earth.)

For the outdoor fan who takes along the dog who tangles with a skunk, the Hunters Edge® will also do an excellent job of deodorizing him after this ordeal. Work the powder into the coat, especially face, and muzzle real good and leave overnight, then brush out, if you have access to plenty of water you might want to try washing your dog using additional Hunters Edge® powder. Check out Hunters Edge Complex Solution to use on the animal and in his mouth!

For the fisherman apply powder to hands before baiting up so as not to transfer human scent to hooks or lures, after catching your fish use powder to hands to remove fish odor.

Remember, enjoy your stay in the wild but when you leave, leave nothing behind. Always live by this rule: If you pack it in, pack it out, and nature will be there for all of us to enjoy for a long time to come.