Hunters Edge®: EXTRA TIPS care of meat

Venison is some of the best tasting and healthiest meat you can eat. The secret to having it is how well it is taken care of after the kill. Getting it skinned and cooled as fast as possible and then letting it age for 48 to 72 hours and then packaging it for the freezer. I recommend vacuum packing your meat, and it will keep for a couple of years.

Cooking Meat:
Share your favorite recipe and we will try to post it, so all can see.

There are many ways to cook venison. The way I like my steak is marinated in Kraft Zesty Italian dressing and cooked on the grill. Place steaks in a vacuum pack container with plenty dressing and vacuum pack for about 24 hours, then cook them on the grill and savor all your hard work. Good!