HUNTERS EDGE ®  Original  Since 1989 ODORLESS SPRAY  

Odorless Scent Control For Serious Hunters

Hunters Edge® Original Odorless Spray scent control when used in conjunction with Hunters Edge®  Original Powder is the ultimate odor and scent control for serious  hunters, these products work so well that if you were to get lost even a bloodhound could not track you. Our spray works quickly and safely to eliminate human scent and all other odor.

Safe to use around children, pets and plants.

Hunters Edge Odorless Spray

16 Fl. oz. With Sprayer

Hunters Edge® Original is not a perfumed or scented deodorizer that disguises or masks odors. It simply eliminates odors naturally.

The product is non-allergenic, non-staining and non-toxic. NO CHEMICAL, NO FRAGRANCE, NO PERFUMES


Non-Scented, Deodorizing Spray to help you stay cooler and odorless on those hot days in the woods while hunting.

I have had great luck using Hunters Edge® Original on all my cloths & my entire body before dressing. I also apply Hunters Edge® on all my gear. However, I like carrying a bottle of Hunters Edge Spray on those hot days to wet my hair & shirt. Hunters Edge Spray helps me stay cooler & also eliminates any odors as I sweat walking to my stand.

The rest is up to me to shoot straight.

Directions For Use:
Use full strength and spray up in the air, and walk into the spray, or spray on your clothes and hat band. Just any place you would feel better to know you have no odor.

You have tried other products but they don’t eliminate your odor, they hide it and the game can still smell you or the odor they use to hide your odor.

Caution: If sprayed in eyes, may cause eye irritation. Flush with plenty of water.

Hands / Skin: No irritation is reported.

If swallowed: Irritation may occur to throat. Drink plenty of water.


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