Wildlife Photographer and Hunters Edge®

blacktails-web-6-944x5-458-72dpi-002Benefits of Hunters Edge for photographers is it allows one to get much closer to your subjects without being scented.

Hunters Edge® odorless scent control & insect repellent for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, these odorless products, works incredibly well at reducing human scent/odor for hunters which allows them to get much closer to their quarry, whether their weapon is a Camera, gun, or bow.  They can expect to have serious close encounters.

For the hunter, especially the bow hunter and camera hunter, it is best to wash all clothing with 1/4 cup powder and dry on a line, not in a dryer. Do not dress in hunting clothes until you are in the woods. You will want to dust yourself liberally with Hunters Edge® before you put your clothes on. You will want to carry extra Hunters Edge’ with you so that as you perspire, you can apply more powder to your underarm area, head and face. The Wind Tester is great in keeping up with wind direction.

Mule Deer

My 2014 mule deer with my pistol I use your products in all my hunting and fishing adventures… It was great  talking with you Sheryl and Ron, I look forward to talking with you more. Thank you, Darin

Darin Favorite Product

First Name:: Darin
Last Name:: Bruce
E-Mail: dbruce@bcidaho.com
Phone Number:: 208-412-xxxx

Comments*: Love the new look to the new site. Love the products and this web site is much easier to find what I am looking for. Thank you and keep up the great work..

Darin Bruce
Meridian, Idaho

What product have you tried?: hunters edge both powder and love the new spray!!!

What is your favorite NOGC Product or Products: Hunters Edge both powder and spray

Black Bear at 30 yards

The picture I am attaching is from a bear that I shot last year at 30 yards.


To my amazement it stopped and checks the wind and kept right on walking right towards me. He got to the cross trail that would put him 30 yards and stopped. He lifted his nose and winded again. I knew he would wind me and be gone. Again to my amazement he turned broad side and started rooting in the brush. Thanks to All outdoor enthusiasts, but especially hunters, anglers, and wild game photographers will benefit from the remarkable qualities of Hunters Edge®.





Joe Jessel First Elk

Joe Jessel

Please find enclosed a photo taken just after I shot my first elk. Prior to leaving camp, I dusted myself and my clothing with Hunters Edge®. I shot the bull at just over 100 yards and feel that I would not have been able to get this close had it not been for this product.

I believe in Hunters Edge® and will recommend it to my friends. Thank you for an environmentally friendly product that makes a difference.

Joe Jessel