Ron LobdellOdorless Scent Control & Insect Repellent For Serious Hunters

Hunters Edge was introduced in the market place in July 1996 in Trade Shows.

Key Benefits: Odorless Scent control and Insect Repellant for Serious Hunters

In September 2007 HUNTERS EDGE Original was trademarked, Hunters’s Scent Camouflage in the industries of sporting goods products.

The products are part of Natures Odor & Germ Control, Inc. which are made and packaged in America for over 34 + years. “Eliminates Any Odor Anywhere”.  How can you eliminate odor and leave an odor or fragrance behind? Simply speaking, you can’t! Completely Eliminate Odor, don’t just cover it up!

This ultra fine powder is perfect for adsorbing moisture from perspiration and adsorbing the associated odors as well.  The ultra fine powder is especially fantastic for footwear, shoes, boots, etc.

Hunters Edge® Original makes a excellent insect repellent by adsorbing body odor.  The scent attracts most insects.  Hunters Edge® Original also relieves the stinging and itching from insect bites and stings, the burning and itching associated with contact from nettles, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

For the hunter, especially the bow hunter and camera hunter, it is best to wash all clothing with 1/4 cup powder.  Do not dress in hunting clothes until you are in the woods.  You will want to dust yourself liberally with Hunters Edge® before you put your clothes on. You will want to carry extra Hunters Edge® with you so that as you perspire you can apply more powder to your underarm area, head and face.

Read our comments and reviews. Our wonderful customers love to test our products and get amazed on what the products will accomplish for each hunt.

“Walk with the game you hunt for, just do not stand up right.”

We care about your success in your outdoor endeavors.