Wildlife Photographer and Hunters Edge®

blacktails-web-6-944x5-458-72dpi-002Benefits of Hunters Edge for photographers is it allows one to get much closer to your subjects without being scented.

Hunters Edge® odorless scent control & insect repellent for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, these odorless products, works incredibly well at reducing human scent/odor for hunters which allows them to get much closer to their quarry, whether their weapon is a Camera, gun, or bow.  They can expect to have serious close encounters.

For the hunter, especially the bow hunter and camera hunter, it is best to wash all clothing with 1/4 cup powder and dry on a line, not in a dryer. Do not dress in hunting clothes until you are in the woods. You will want to dust yourself liberally with Hunters Edge® before you put your clothes on. You will want to carry extra Hunters Edge’ with you so that as you perspire, you can apply more powder to your underarm area, head and face. The Wind Tester is great in keeping up with wind direction.

Philip E. Medlin – Personal – Hunters Edge

I was wondering if you offered hunters edge in larger quantities. Washing your clothes and applying hunters edge to them takes quite a large amount. I do believe in your product. I also was wondering if any of the other products offered by (dba NOGC ) could be used to spray on your clothes,treestands,back packs to eliminate human odors.

I wold like to share with you my own experiance. Unfortuntley I sweat alot and have a problem with BO smell ruining all of my hunting shirts. I don’t like to use regular deodorant while hunting due to the fragrance it puts out. I tried the unscented deodorant sold be Premos Hunting only to find myself smelling even louder with really

bad BO. I had an idea that worked wonderful. I first put on the unscented deodorant and then powdered under my arms with HUNTERS EDGE. At the end of a hot sweaty day of first hunting then working out in the hot sun there was NO SMELL AT ALL. I thought I should share this it with you. Thank You
I love your product.   P.  Medlin