Philip E. Medlin – Personal – Hunters Edge

I was wondering if you offered hunters edge in larger quantities. Washing your clothes and applying hunters edge to them takes quite a large amount. I do believe in your product. I also was wondering if any of the other products offered by (dba NOGC ) could be used to spray on your clothes,treestands,back packs to eliminate human odors.

I wold like to share with you my own experiance. Unfortuntley I sweat alot and have a problem with BO smell ruining all of my hunting shirts. I don’t like to use regular deodorant while hunting due to the fragrance it puts out. I tried the unscented deodorant sold be Premos Hunting only to find myself smelling even louder with really

bad BO. I had an idea that worked wonderful. I first put on the unscented deodorant and then powdered under my arms with HUNTERS EDGE. At the end of a hot sweaty day of first hunting then working out in the hot sun there was NO SMELL AT ALL. I thought I should share this it with you. Thank You
I love your product.   P.  Medlin

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