Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution

16 Fl. Oz.

16 Fl. Oz.


Nature’s answer to odor control problems without the use of chemicals.  Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution™   is a 100% natural product that is odorless non-staining that quickly gets rid of odors by balancing the microbial activity.

It is odorless, organic and environmentally safe. More simply, it is a complex solution of amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals derived from blue-green algae that stimulates a natural bacterial process to eliminate all types of bacterial odors without cover up fragrances. Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution ™  is like a natural health food drink.

Dogs breath: Spray  Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution ™  full strength into animals mouth.


Skunk odor on animal: Wet animal thoroughly, then apply  Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution™  undiluted and work into the coat and leave for an hour. Bathe the animal with additional Hunters Edge®  Complex Solution™ and HUNTERS EDGE® Powder in the water. Dry and mist the animal with a fine mist of product and let dry naturally, be sure to use in mouth and ears. If any odor remains you may want to apply HUNTERS EDGE® Powder to face, muzzle, and coat. See that skunk did not mess up your hunting trip and your dog is sure happier, you are not keeping him away from you.

No warranties are implied or expressed. Buyer assumes all responsibility for proper use of this product.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for proper use of this product.